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How to moisturize your hair effectively

Moisturizing your hair is one of the hardest processes to get right when going natural. You have to learn how your hair accepts moisture and training it too.

When I first went natural, I did the maximum hydration method (a modified method) which was exhausting but it worked to n extent- it got my hair used to water.

Why I stopped:

It was too time consuming. I was able to do it at that time because I was at a university that makes you sign into res two weeks before classes start, so I was technically still on vacation.

It required that I go to sleep with wet hair. I had to put in a conditioner, bicarb and egg(modified-didn’t work) mixture in my head before going to sleep, wrap it up in plastic, throw a microfibre cloth to wrap that up and go to sleep. It smelt horrible and whenever I can’t sleep, I smell it on my pillow-even though I changed both the pillow and pillow case.

After I woke up, I had to use shampoo on my head and after that put on a Bentonite clay mask. This took an hour to complete which included scrubbing my hair and scalp to get rid of the clay.

After that, I would have to deep condition my hair for an hour. This speaks for itself.

After that I would have to detangle my hair while the conditioner is still on it and then moisturize it using the LOC method (discussed later in the article).

The whole process took me about eight to ten hours a day and left me exhausted.

The second method that I used was the bagging method.

I would mix my deep conditioner with water, spray on my hair and put a plastic bag over it. This helped with forcing my hair to accept moisture by replicating a steaming treatment.

Why I stopped:

I got sick.

The third thing

that I did was use the conditioner-water method on my hair every hour. This was a nice way of keeping it moisturized.

Why I stopped:

It meant that I had my hands in my hair all of the time. The only way to keep my hair moisturized was to keep spraying it and working it through the hair. I began pulling at my hair like crazy. My left side of the head is still shorter than the right a year after I stopped, I had to get braids to keep my hands out of my hair. How bad was it- I sleep on my right side and it’s the longer side.

What I do now: The loc method

After I wash, condition and de-tangle my hair I moisturize it using the LOC/LCO method

L-liquid/ leave in conditioner. This is the moisture source. You want the water to go into the hair

O- Oil. This helps to seal and shine the hair. If you use oils like castor oil, olive and coconut oil you will strengthen your hair.

C- Cream. To help seal. This one is not necessary (it depends on your hair) but it helps the oil. I would suggest a butter during winter.


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