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Ziphlets Flaxseed styling cream.



Use this cream to style and define your hair.

This cream has been formulated to define the tightest coils for that perfect Wash ‘n Go.

I chose flaxseed gel because it strengthens hair while leaving it shiny and beautiful.

Use As:

Styling cream

Wash ‘n Go gel

Moisture sealant (small amount)


How to use:

As a styling cream:

Put a small amount onto hair and style as desired. Make sure that you cannot see the cream when you squeeze your hair.


As a Wash ‘n Go gel:

Divide hair into small sections. Put a small amount onto damp to dry hair (more dry than damp) and rub onto it. Add cream onto the section in small amounts until it curls.


As a moisture sealant :

Take a small amount and rub into hair when wet.


This jar contains 200ml.


How it works:


Flaxseed gel is a natural gel that forms when flaxseeds are boiled in water. The seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which nourished the hair shaft. Flaxseed is also a natural source of vitamin E.

Flaxseeds also help strengthen hair by making it more elastic and therefore harder to break.


We at Ziphlets chose flaxseed gel as the main ingredient in this styling cream because it smoothes hair down. It leaves hair shiny and bouncy. it also holds styles for days but does not leave build up on the hair.


The other ingredients included in this cream are shea butter and coconut oil. Shea butter was chosen because of its moisturizing properties. It contains both vitamins E and A and it has a high fatty acid content. This leaves hair feeling smooth. Coconut oil was chosen for its ability to penetrate the hair follicle and strengthen it. Both of these oils also help reduce frizz, which is important for styling.