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  • leave in conditioner natural hair South Africa

    Shea and Cocoa butter leave in conditioner.


    Use this leave-in conditioner before styling your hair for soft and luscious locks. This leave-in has been formulated to be incredibly slippery to help you style your coils and curls.   Use as: A leave-in conditioner Moisturizer between wash days Detangler   How to use:   As a leave-in conditioner: Divide your hair into sections…

  • Ziphlets bentonite clay

    Ziphlets Bentonite clay mask

    Use this clay mask to clarify your hair. It will also help clump up your hair. This bentonite clay mask has been formulated to ┬ákeep your hair clean and to leave it soft and shiny.   USE BENTONITE CLAY MASK AS: A hair clarifier A hair conditioner A coil clumping agent.   HOW TO USE…

  • wash n go South Africa, wash n go gel, ziphlets styling cream

    Ziphlets Flaxseed styling cream.


    Use this cream to style and define your hair. This cream has been formulated to define the tightest coils for that perfect Wash ‘n Go. I chose flaxseed gel because it strengthens hair while leaving it shiny and beautiful. Use As: Styling cream Wash ‘n Go gel Moisture sealant (small amount)   How to use:…